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A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Quality Re-accreditation

Little Paxton Parish Council has been re accredited with Quality Status for a further four years. The Council achieved Quality Status in July 2008 initially for a four year period.

During 2011, the Council started preparing its Quality Portfolio for submission in July 2012. The Quality Portfolio takes 12 months to complete and comprises evidence of various types of communication against a set criteria e.g.-copies of 12 months meeting agendas, minutes, press cuttings, magazine articles.

Chairman of the Council Cllr Jeanette Cleaver said ' As part of the re- accreditation process, the Council was required to demonstrate the promotion of local democracy & citizenship, accountability and evidence of Councillor training'.

The Parish Council submitted a very large portfolio in July 2012. In September, the Council were advised by the Quality Panel that it has successfully been re accredited with Quality status for a further 4 years.

The Quality Panel quoted in their report, 'The Accreditation application runs into three folders and bearing in mind the village only has a population of circa 3000, shows how well the Council uphold their duties and are well looked after by an excellent Clerk'.

The Quality Panel will be presenting Little Paxton Parish Council with a Re-Accreditation Certificate within the next few weeks.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

New Outside Fitness Equipment

At the 6th December Full Council meeting, Little Paxton Parish Council agreed to purchase outside gym equipment and a fitness trail.

The new equipment will be installed on the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field as this is council owned land.The gym equipment will be located between the Multi Use Games Area and the purple/orange youth shelter. The fitness trail will be positioned between the Multi Use Games area and the boundary fencing.

There will be no encroachment on the football pitches. The installation is expected week beginning the 18th February.

There will be 17 items of gym equipment and the fitness trail will comprise of a further 11 items. At any one time over 40 people can use the equipment.

In 2010, the Parish Council carried out an Amenities survey in the village and it was highlighted that there were insufficient outdoor keep-fit amenities for the 20- 80 age group.

The gym equipment and fitness trail is available for anyone to use and is aimed at adults, the elderly and those with disabilities.

An opening event is being planned for April.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Council Vacancies

Notice of Vacancy in office of Parish Councillor on the Little Paxton Parish Council

Notice is hereby given pursuant to section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972 that due to the resignation of Councillor Dennis Flavell there is a vacancy on the Little Paxton Parish Council.

If, within 14 statutory days after the date of this notice, a request for an election to fill the vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer, Huntingdonshire District Council, Pathfinder House, Huntingdon PE29 3TN by ten electors of the town an election will be held. If no such notice is given the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

If any member of the Parish would like to be considered for co-option please contact the Parish Clerk.

Dated: 15th January 2013 Mrs J Gellatly


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Post Office Services in Little Paxton

Postal Services in Little Paxton

The Parish Council has been working with the Post Office Change Team to ensure there are postal services in Little Paxton after the 5th December when the village Post Office closes its doors.

A mobile Post Office van will visit the village every Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm - 4pm in the village hall car park starting from Tuesday 11th December.

The van will continue to visit the village until such time a new postmaster is appointed. The van will offer the same range of services as the village post office.


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Little Paxton Post Office- Closure

The Parish Council is aware that Little Paxton Post Office will be closing in two weeks time.

The Council is working with the Post Office Change Team and other agencies to provide initially a mobile van service in the Village on a temporary basis until such time alternative premises and a new Postmaster is appointed.

Mrs Jennifer Gellatly
Parish Clerk
15th November 2012


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Paxfest 2013

The Paxfest Organising Committee are now planning next years' event which will be held on Saturday 13th July on the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field.

The Committee has contacted all the village groups who attended Paxfest and asked for feedback and ideas for next years' event.

One of the ideas put forward is to have a Fun Dog Show. The organising committee think this will be a great attraction and plans are now underway to have the first Fun Dog Show at Paxfest.

Cllr Alan Denison said' There are lots of dogs in the village and a Fun Dog Show will be a great opportunity for children and adults to bring along their pet dogs'.

The type of dog classes will be agreed in the January.

Also the committee are looking for a small display of vintage and classic vehicles including bikes (pedal & motor).


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Council changes increases efficiencies

Little Paxton Parish Council is looking for new members to join the small dedicated team of Parish Councillors.

The Council has in the past month changed its meeting structure and abolished its Planning, Amenities & Finance Committees. All decisions previously made by these Committees will now be made by the Full Council. The Full Council will now meet twice a month (except August, where only one meeting will be held).

Cllr J. Cleaver, Chairman of the Council said 'It is anticipated that the changes will further improve the Council's efficiency as a result of fortnightly Full Council meetings instead of monthly ones. Matters may be placed on the Agenda, decisions made and acted upon more frequently. Full Council meetings should finish earlier as the Agendas will be shorter.'

If you've got a few hours to spare each week - and an interest in the future of the village - we'd like to hear from you.

Parish Clerk Jenny Gellatly said, 'Little Paxton Parish Council is very proactive. The role of a Councillor is a rewarding one and the Council has a high profile in the village. There are day/or evening training courses available for all new Councillors.'


A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

Wild Meadow- Little Paxton Lawn Cemetery

During the last few months, Little Paxton Parish Council has been carrying out minor improvements to Little Paxton Lawn Cemetery.

In September, the Council agreed new Guidelines to allow the scattering and disposal of ashes in a part of the cemetery which cannot be used for burials. This section of the cemetery is being turned into a Wild Meadow where the grass will only be cut twice year.

The Wild Meadow will be divided into four areas namely- Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Relatives can choose the section in which they wish the ashes of their loved ones be scattered in or disposed. The person may be remembered by the planting of up to six native bulbs.

New oak signage will be placed in the middle of the Wild Meadow to identify each section.

There is no requirement for the deceased to have been a resident in Little Paxton and there is no charge. In all cases, notification of the intention to scatter or dispose of ashes is required to be delivered to the Clerk of the Council.

Parish Clerk Jenny Gellatly said' Little Paxton Lawn Cemetery is a country cemetery and the wild meadow will provide a peaceful resting place of natural beauty. '

Cllr Jean Matheson said 'The Council would like to install two benches in the middle of the Wild Meadow section for visiting relatives. The benches are to be made out of recycled plastic in keeping with the Council's ecological ideals. '

A plan of the Wild Meadow section along with Notification forms are available on the Council's website- www.little-paxton.org.uk./ council document library/cemetery.

If anyone would like to donate a Commerative bench, please contact the Clerk.


A local news item from i-d Image Development


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A local news item from Little Paxton Parish Council

New Council Website

We are now in the process of compiling and sorting council and parish information to be published here in the near future. Over the next few weeks Jevstar Ltd. will be making some alterations and additions to the website to provide us with extra functionality to accommodate our specific requirements.

We expect to commence publishing data on or immediately after the 31 August 2012.

More information about New Council Website



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