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BBC News - Cambridgeshire Sat, 06 Mar 2021 07:42:46 GMT

BBC News - Cambridgeshire

BBC News - Cambridgeshire

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Cambridge City FC stadium in Sawston 'could be open in 2022'

After years of planning battles it is hoped Cambridge City's new stadium will open in early 2022.

St Ives: BMW driver with frozen windscreen sentenced for crash

The driver failed to clear his frosty windscreen, crashing head-on into a Porsche 911.

Budget 2021: What do young aspiring actors make of it?

With 400m pledged to the arts sector, the BBC speaks to young actors to get their reaction.

Minecraft: Bishop of Ely joins game for Gospel teachings

"I am so pleased to have participated in a new way to share Bible stories," says the Bishop of Ely.

Peterborough surgeon struck off for using wrong knee prosthesis

A tribunal hears he failed to adequately check the implant, or report his error.

A14 Cambridgeshire: 'Large proportion' of million trees dead

The trees were planted as part of 1.5bn roadworks completed last year, but are being replaced.

Covid-19: Lockdown 'does not work as well' in Fenland

Officials say infections are high in Fenland, Cambridgeshire, because of the number of key workers.

Covid lockdown: Norfolk Police fine 160 people on sunny weekend

Officers in Norfolk fine 160 people for travelling to the coast or for having house parties.