Boadicea or Boudica

The rise and fall of Queen Boadicea or Boudica

Local legend has it that the Romans managed to capture the Iceni leader Queen Boadicea, along with her two daughters, which they subjected to assault, before finally slaying them. Queen Boadicea is then claimed to have managed to escape before they could kill her too.

The horror she had witnessed happening to her beautiful daughters being the reason for her bloody and vengeful reputation in her attempt to take revenge on the invading Romans. When she feared that she too was close to being captured, Queen Boadicea took her own life rather than be violated and murdered by the Romans.

A cartoon of a ancient Briton driving a chariot

Her enemy being led at this time by a Roman General called Suetonius Paulinus, who had just defeated a rebellion on the Isle of Anglesey, before defeating the courageous Iceni and their warrior queen. After this the area was incorporated into the Roman Province of Flavia Caesariennis.


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